The Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy at the University of Virginia is an interdisciplinary program in mental health law, forensic psychiatry, forensic psychology, forensic neuropsychology and forensic social work. Institute activities include academic programs, forensic clinical evaluations, professional training, empirical and theoretical research, and public policy consultation and review.

Training and Symposia

The ILPPP offers training programs in forensic evaluation and related topics. Many programs are developed to meet the training requirements specified in Virginia statute related to forensic evaluations. Other programs vary year-by-year in response to community needs and developments in the field.

Forensic Evaluations

The Forensic Clinic at ILPPP is staffed by forensic psychologists, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists who are experienced in performing evaluations for a variety of criminal and civil contexts, addressing issues of competence, sanity, violence risk, capital sentencing, sexual offending, and emotional injury.

Find Evaluators in Virginia

Directory of mental health clinicians who have completed the forensic evaluation training specified in Virginia statutes related to the following evaluations:

  • Trial competence-Circuit Court
  • Trial competence-Juvenile Court
  • Sanity at the time of offense
  • Mental State, as relevant to capital sentencing
  • Offenses related to sexual abnormality

Publications & Policy/Practice

Publications and other information on emerging issues in mental health law and practice, social policy, and reports to government agencies concerned with setting policy.

  • Developments in Mental Health Law
  • Advance Directives in Virginia
  • Mandated Community Treatment
  • Forensic Evaluation Info System
  • Va. College Mental Health Study
  • Va. Commission on Mental Health Law Reform
  • Juvenile Restoration Services